About Rolex Submariner

Submariner: the aboriginal and additional generations


In 1953, Rolex Submariner absitively to aftermath a able diving watch: Submariner. This abstraction came from the architecture department. The capital designer, Jacques Cousteau, served in the Navy in the accomplished and was aswell a diving enthusiast. He had been to the abysmal sea and knew what actualization were the a lot of important for a realiable diving watch. So Submariner accept to accommodated the afterward requirements:

1, Acceptable afterimage in the abysmal sea, top adverse arrangement atramentous punch & big beaming hands.

2, Acceptable antimagnetic, waterproof and anticollision structure.

3, Acceptable bane attrition and be aggressive to acute temperature difference.

As the aboriginal bearing Submariner, Ref. 6204(1953-1956) was altered from 6202, Ref. 6204 was baptize aggressive to 100m. In the appearance, the duke was changed, simple beeline tip duke replaced the “Mercedes-Benz” hand. To be acceptable to identify, the attack of the additional duke was annular beaming dot, not biting.

During the aforementioned period, Rolex produced the Ref. 6205(1954-1956), compared with 6204, not alone 6205 had the “SUBMARINER” words, but it aswell apparent 100M=330FT waterproof abyss on the dial, 6205 still acclimated A260 movement. Ref. 6200(1954-1957) was a appropriate copy of Submariner. The aberration amid it and added accustomed Submariner featured Roman character hour markers at 3, 6 and 9. In my opinion, I didn’t anticipate these numerals had a college acceptance than the accepted sticks at 3, 6 and 9, but aberration added value. 6200 was able with A296 movement, in addition, amid 0 and 10 account on the bezel, there was no account scales that could be begin on added Submariners.

From Ref. 6538(1956-1964), Submariner came to the additional generation. The aforementioned as the ancient 6202, this bearing Submariner aswell had the iconic “Mercedes-Benz” hand. 6538’s case bore was added to 38mm, the watch acclimated Cal. 1030 Butterfly Rotor movment, the best movement at that time and had anesthetized the COSC test. Beneath the “Crown” logo on the crown, “+” was afflicted into “BREVET” words. The added important affair was 6538 could be baptize aggressive to 200M, it created a new waterproof record. Ref. 6536(1956-1964) was 6538’s cheaper no COSC version, although it aswell acclimated Cal. 1030 movement, 6536 didn’t accept COSC, featured 37mm case diameter, baptize aggressive to 100M and abundant cheaper than the 6538.


In 1953, Auguste and Jean Piccard dived to 3,150 meters in the sea and created a new abysmal diving record. At the aforementioned time, a cool brilliant was built-in in the watch world: Rolex Submariner, because this abysmal sea diving watch that was just developed by Rolex in that year was absorbed on the apparent alfresco the submarine, and dived to 600 metres. This apparent the success of the additional atrocious agreement afterwards the bridge of the English Channel in 1927.

October 21, 1954, CBS broadcasted the atramentous and white cine – Casino Royale(Barry Nelson acted), this was the aboriginal time that 007 appeared on the screen, what he wore was absolutely the Rolex Submariner, which was just appear in antecedent year. After, Dr. No, in the film, Sean Connery was still cutting a Submariner watch. But ROLEX didn’t wish to sponsor a Submariner to Sean Connery, so the administrator had to accommodate its own NATO Band Submariner to Sean Connery. Because of this story, today some watch admirers aswell change their own SUBMARINER’s aboriginal Oyster armlet into a NATO bolt strap.

Submariner: the third and fourth generations

The third bearing Submariner was ref. 5508(1958-1965), it acclimated the Cal. 1530, case bore is 37mm, baptize aggressive to 100M. To appearance from its accomplished features, 5508 was already mature. Attention, the “SUBMARINER” words on the punch had the red adaptation and the bulk was aswell higher. Besides, the “SWISS” logo at 6 was afflicted into “T<25″. Because the change of bright material, the radioactivity increased. The consecutive ref. 5510(1958-1960) was alone produced for two years, but 5510 was baptize aggressive to 200M.

The ref. 5512(1959-1977) was an epoch-making product, from this time, Submariner entered the fourth generation, the afterward was its aberration amid it and the antecedent versions.

1, The actual of the bezel was afflicted from alloyed elastic to steel.

2, The flutings of the bezel were widened and abundant bigger.

3, Because of a abysmal blow in the backward 50’s, the acme of a Submariner watch was smashed, so 5515 added guards on both abandon of the crown, this affection was still in use.

4, Added a waterproof accessory on the tube.

5, Beneath the “Crown” logo on the crown, there were three annular credibility to be acclimated as the assurance of the sports models.

6, Armlet was acutely improved.

7, The case bore was adapted into the absolute sports watches’ size: 39.5MM

Note: 5512 acclimated COSC akin Cal. 1570. This movment was Rolex’s a lot of avant-garde artefact at that time. Whether accurateness or durability, it still had a acceptable acceptability until now.

Ref. 5513(1964-1985) was the bargain adaptation of 5512. it had a absolutely continued lifeline, the assembly was aswell actual large. The aboriginal beaming hour markers didn’t accept frames, afterwards they had but not the metal frames. 5513 was able with 1530, afterwards several years, it acclimated the acclaimed 1520 movement, on the antithesis wheel’s axle of this movement, there were two weights. Ref. 5517 was 5513’s aggressive version, it was actual expensive, acclimated the abundant stronger brand easily and was able with the canvas aggressive strap. It is account acquainted that, during the continued assembly of 5513, International Organization for Standardization fabricated abundant requirements on diving watch’s specifications, the afterward is its details(July 1, 1981):

1, Readability: in the dark, ambit of 25cm from the watch, can still analyze the time, the time bulk on the bezel and the watch’s alive statement.

2, Anti-magnetic: accept to accept a DC anti-magnetic accommodation of added than 60 Gauss.

3, Crashworthiness: no accident to abatement from 1 beat acme to a harder wood.

4, Attachment’s attrition to alien force: additional 20 kg force, analysis the attachment.

5, Attrition to alkali solution: beneath 23℃, asperse the watch in 3% alkali wate for 24 hours, the watch’s case and added accessories accept to absorb the aloft state, the operational locations can plan properly.

6, Attrition to calefaction shocks: accept to be able to bear the 40℃-5℃-40℃ acute temperature change cycle.

7, Waterproof, baptize pressure: 100M waterproof blueprint requires the watch beneath 125M abyss of baptize for one hour, again places it in a burden agnate to 300M abyss for one hour. Additional 2 atmospheric air burden and analysis the bulk of air central the case, analysis the case’s abiding waterproof performance.

8, The 1 graduation and 5 graduation on the bezel accept to be clear.

9, Operation in water: can act advisedly beneath 30cm abyss of water.

10, Stability: additional 12.5 atmospheric air burden in the water, analysis for 20 minutes.

11, For the diving watches that added helium, accept to pay absorption to their accustomed timing accident risk.

The alarm that meets the aloft requirements is the absolute diving watch, but the diving watches, like the Submariner for able divers, are rare.

Ref. 1680 was the ancient Submariner archetypal that had the date function, it was the anchor bearing Submariner Date. Its assembly was from 1965 to 1980. 1680 acclimated Cal. 1570 movement, COSC, baptize aggressive to 200M. Acrylic bottle with ample balloon appropriate for Rolex, Case admeasurement was 39.5*14MM. 1680 aswell had accession version, it was the acclaimed “Red Sub’. Its agent was the “SUBMARINER” words on the punch were red, this adaptation was the hot archetypal that was speculated worldwide, and was aswell rushed by all the Submariner watch fans.

The consecutive ref. 16800(1979-1989) acclimated azure crystal, the baptize attrition was added from 200M to 300M. Case admeasurement was 40*13.5MM, it was able with the acclaimed 3035 movement, the antithesis frequence was up to 28800, added authentic and stable, the antithesis caster had four micro-adjusting screws, the rotor added a dejected adjustable screw, the accomplished movement looked like added advanced. In 1989, there aswell produced a archetypal alleged the 168000, its buoy was actual abbreviate and was replaced with 16610 immediately.


Submariner was built-in corresponded to the development of ocean and the analysis business, they all accept above capabilities to accommodated the requirements of the times. Although Submariner was not as attractive as the Daytona, aswell had not abounding functions, Submariner was a hidden paradise for adventurers. As a tool, it aswell had a able applied value.

1, The Ads in 1973: the cultural anthropologists took a reed baiter “Ra II”, afterwards 57 canicule and nights, assuredly baffled the Atlantic. During the voyage, on which they relied, was the Submariner. In addition, ceremony country’s Navy aswell acclimated Submariner.

2, Harbour Village affair ads: in adjustment to analyze the sea, Marine Science and Technology Center conducted all-embracing undersea active abstracts during 1972 to 1975, this was alleged the Harbour Village plan. What the defined wore while alive in the sea were absolutely the Submariner diving watches.

3, The ads about Luis Marden diver who discoverd the HMS Bounty, which sinked in 1790. In the seabed of the Pitcairn Islands, which was 1300 afar south of Tahiti in Oceania, area the Luis Marden discoverd the Bounty bones charcoal and he was actual addicted of Rolex watch.

4, Marine archaeologist affair ads: he went to the sea to seek for the Spanish and British galleons that sinked amid the fifteenth aeon and the seventeenth century. He generally acclimated Rolex while alive in the sea.

These ads all adumbrated that: Submariner was an capital accessories if operating beneath the sea.

Submariner: the fifth generation

In 1989, 5513 was discontinued, a new Submariner, ref. 14060(1989-2001), emerged, it was the avant-garde Submariner. Compared with 5513, this Submariner acclimated azure crystal, this bottle can anticipate scratches that was acquired by sports. But its harder breakable appropriate was not acceptable to anticipate collision. So there existed arguments in the watch industry. The waterproof abyss of 14060 accomplished a new height: 300M, the movement was 3000. Note: afore 1966, the six o’clock position was still the beaming radiation logo “T<25″, amid 1966 and 1999, it was afflicted into “SWISS”, from 1999 till now, the logo has been alway the “SWISS MADE”. In 2001, Rolex’s new no date apparatus movement Cal. 3130 was released, it replaced the accustomed 3000, and 14060 was aswell renamed 14060M(2001-now). The present 14060M, at 6 o’clock, there was a laser engraved “Crown” anti-fake label, it was the a lot of avant-garde Submariner, although had no COSC, 14060M has been activated in 5 positions at three altered temperatures, no agnosticism about the accurateness and durability.

Ref. 16610(1989-now), this was the newest Submariner Date, 300M waterproof, azure crystal, but it acclimated Rolex’s newest 3135 movement. Case admeasurement was 40*13MM. Note: afore 2000, the words beneath the 6 o’clock position were labeled as “SWISS T<25”, afterwards 2000, the words were “SWISS MADE”.

In 2000, some data of the catch aswell had baby changes, the new armlet was added comfortable. 2003 was Submariner’s 50th anniversary, Rolex appear the 16610LV(green bezel) as the Submariner 50th ceremony edition. Submariner has accomplished 50 years of rises and falls, accomplished Swiss automated watches’ glory, abortion to re-revival. Submariner’s success would be always engraved on the anniversary of Rolex.

Rolex watches has aswell able their amount by artistic marketing


Rolex Explorer I is consistently the a lot of accepted and adorable copy in Rolex, atramentous punch with 3, 6, 9 Arab numbers allotment Explorer breeding and activating charming. Greatly admired by celebrities, cine stars and ample media address even added makes Explorer I become the pet of fashion.

Rolex replica uk absitively to aftermath a able diving watch: Submariner. This abstraction came from the architecture department. The capital designer, Jacques Cousteau, served in the Navy in the accomplished and was aswell a diving enthusiast. He had been to the abysmal sea and knew what appearance were the a lot of important for a realiable diving watch.

Rolex watches has aswell able their amount by artistic marketing. Rolex – a abreast captivated aggregation – has consistently abhorred acceptable commercial such as book and TV commercials. Rolex has instead autonomous for creating a blazon of commercial which is a amalgam of accessible relations and artefact placement. For example, not alone has Rolex been beat by both Sean Connery and Roger Moore in assorted James Bond movies, but the acclaimed watch has graced the wrists of acclaimed adventurers while exploring the South Pole, accouterments the base of the ocean and pond the English channel.

The net aftereffect of this blazon of artefact endorsement creates a alluring angel that is difficult to resist. Another address the aggregation has active is a bound ascendancy in its accumulation chain. Rolex alone allows watch retailers to advertise at a lot of two watches a year. This ensures that the accumulation of Rolexes will never outstrip the demand.

Quality, performance, addition and adherence are the pillars that Rolex replica has congenital its brand, back the addition of wristwatches. The aggregation aboriginal awash abridged watches and folding watches alleged biking clocks if it was aboriginal formed in 1905 as Wilsdorf & Davis. Interestingly, until this time, it was alone women who wore wristwatches. Later it became accepted if humans accomplished how abstract it was to accept abridged watches, this was during the Boer War of South Africa (1899-1902) if they noticed the soldiers with wristwatches.

Swiss replica Rolex Day Date & Rolex GMTII Watches tips

A aggregation started in 1905, Rolex has agitated the classiest watch accessible anywhere in the world. One of the a lot of accepted watches is the Bezel Diamond Rolex Watch. Aboriginal created in the aboriginal 1900’s, the Bezel Diamond Rolex has connected to be a admired of the apple over.With such a array of websites alms abundant deals you will be able to acquisition abundant prices on Bezel Diamond Rolex wristwatches. The online association of Rolex retailers is actual accustomed with anniversary added and a lot of accumulate their prices actual competitive.


When Rolex produced the Day Date watch they were the aboriginal to accomplish a watch that displayed both the date as able-bodied as the day absolutely spelled out.

Day Date watches don’t accept all the accretion and whistles as the added specialized watches that were fabricated for acute living. Rather the Day Date watches stick to the archetypal Rolex day-date Replica appearance and are august and admirable in their adroitness and simplicity.


Like the original, the Swiss replica Rolex Day Date 41mm watch has a gold case and bezel, one section solid spiral down ambagious crown, and a gold strap. It has a blemish affidavit azure crystal, is baptize affidavit to 30 meters and has all the aforementioned markings, engravings, and serials as the original. Wearing a Rolex agency chic and style, but it aswell agency spending a lot of money. If you wish the alarm after paying the amount analysis out Rolex replica watches. Swiss replica watches are fabricated of the aforementioned accomplished abstracts and accept the aforementioned designs.


Due to the actuality that Swiss Version usually formed and asthmatic smoother, I did not accept the approved carbon verion.

It angry that my accommodation was correct. The watch was absolutely well-made, admitting it is unbievably cheap.And the 2836 central my rolex GMTII comes with a date aggravation and an added GMT hand. Here I would like to accord a briefer analysis of it.The brooch is actual able-bodied fabricated and has actual logo. When it is closed, it makes a actual defended click. And this point makes my antecedent GMTII pale. The block are absolute as well. I can not aces any flaws. And this is a big impovement over my my antecedent GMTII.The case aswell comes with actual engravings.

Rolex – Top Luxury Timepiece

Accessories like replica watches and adornment go continued way to ascertain ones style. With the birth of Rolex Watch Company, the cast is traveling on bearing the best superior of affluence watches from accomplished decades. Its accumulating includes ample arrangement of accurate wristwatches that are absolutely attenuate and indispensable.

Made from 18K gold, white gold, African Diamonds and assorted added audacious adored stone, Rolex prices are worth. Rolex is a Swiss ambassador of comfortable wrist watches and equipment.Manufactured both for men and ladies, Rolex watches aftermath the accepted models like Rolex Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, Professional and Cellini. All these models can be beat by both men and ladies.

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Rolex replica watches are admired as a allotment of the actual best top end watch manufacturers on the bazaar place. It is generally a attribute of status, which makes it the a lot of cogent abandoned chic watch architect globally. It could be the planet’s a lot of choice watch as able-bodied as the badge of one’s condition. As such, this watchmaker is a top quality, affluence wrist watch produced by the Rolex corporation.

Buying yourself a Rolex is the absolute accolade for a job able-bodied done. Rolex watches are not abandoned luxurious, but they are congenital aloft superior standards that cannot be rivaled.When a adult alarm is allotment of your wardrobe, bathrobe for success takes on a absolutely new meaning. Whether you admiration a Rolex for dress or a adventurous model, the choices are impressive.


One of the appropriate marks of a Yacht-Master is the Rolex Maxi Dial. Judging from the name alone, anybody can calmly amount out what is getting referred to. Numerous experts accept a duke in the architecture and conception of anniversary watch that bears the Rolex name.


The attention with which these watches are crafted is accepted the apple over.Yes, the markers and the easily of the Yacht-Master’s punch of are bigger and fabricated added solid if put ancillary by ancillary with the added watches beneath the Oyster Professional line. The rolex Yacht-Master is advised as such in adjustment to accomplish added luminosity.

Individuals who abrasion Rolex watches not abandoned are noticed, but they are instantly admired acknowledged in their called profession. Whether you wish to affect clients, abeyant bosses, or the adverse sex, cutting a Rolex is a abundant abode to start.

Rolex Replica – A Specific Gift for Christmas

As a attribute of chic and status, Rolex replica uk has been a arch another a part of both men and girls who accept a affection for wrist watches and wish to abide abacus to their series. For females, putting on a adore is not just an accent to add to an outfit, it is aswell a signature aspect of appearance and sophistication.

Ladies acknowledge the acceptable superior and amount of an admirable watch.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Rolex is advised one of the better watch manufacturers on this planet. A part of so abounding models, there is a admirable band we accept to mention, namely, Rolex Datejust Turn-O-Graph. It is accessory to Rolex Oyster Perpetual Line. The new accession appearance a middle-sized affected case abstinent 36mm in diameter. It is crafted from stainless steel, 18K yellow, white and rose gold.

The abstaining minimalist punch is absolute with activated hour indices and hour easily as able-bodied as the alone second’s hand. At the position of 3 o’clock, there is a date breach just below the accumulative Cyclops glass. It is accomplished with the adult iconic Oyster or Jubilllee bracelet. It is apprenticed by Rolex 3135 automated movement which is COSC-certified as a chronometer.

Rolex Cellini Cestello White Gold watch

The Rolex Cellini Cestello White Gold watch is crafted of chic appearance and acute elegance. It reminds us the appearance of 1960s. It appearance a alluring annular case crafted from adored white gold with agleam surface. It is absorbing with simple beauty.

Rolex fabricated of stainless steel, which is not alone accepted for its waterproof ability of up to 330 feet, but aswell has an engraved tachometer bezel and is aswell cocky winding.

Apart from the agleam bezel and the watch acme in old style, there is no added decoration. I abnormally like the atramentous punch with nuances of brown. It altogether matches the abstraction of elegance. This new conception is angrily absorbing for those who adoration quality, amount and reputation.

Daytona Rolex

The alone action of the watch refers to the axial hours and account adumbrated by the easily crafted from white gold which is absolute by Roman character hour markers.

The new Rolex Daytona boasts of application a Rolex movement in allegory to the acceptance of acme movement in the antecedent archetypal of 1991. And if it comes to appearance and convenience, the a lot of approved afterwards archetypal today is the Daytona